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About Dry Ice Blasting - Scrub Zero - Dry Ice Blasting Calgary

Dry ice blasting is an effective solution for cleaning industrial equipment, as well as a variety of surfaces. It is often employed in the food and beverage industry to keep commercial kitchens clean and contaminant-free. It is also employed to clean electrical generators, HVAC coils, and more.

While there are a number of deep-cleaning processes that different companies might suggest depending on the specific surface you hope to clean, we believe that dry ice blasting is often the preferred option when it comes to the dirtiest decontamination jobs.

At Scrub Zero, we firmly believe in the benefits of dry ice blasting when it comes to safety, economics, productivity, and environmental impact. Let’s examine more about dry ice blasting, including why we feel it’s a superior option when compared to other, more traditional, cleaning processes:

The Dry Ice Blasting Process

As with some other blasting methods, dry ice particles are accelerated to supersonic speeds by compressed air before they impact and clean a surface. In general, the dry ice blasting process involves three separate steps.

In the first step, dry ice pellets are propelled from the blasting gun to impact the surface you wish to clean. This initial energy transfer knocks contaminants from the surface without causing scratches or abrasions. This force is the primary means of cleaning in the dry ice blasting process.

The second step of the process involves a micro-thermal shock that occurs when dry ice pellets make contact with the contaminant. The shock occurs between the surface contaminant and the substrate, causing cracking and delamination of the contaminant and, thus, furthering the process of elimination.

In the third and final step of the process, the dry ice pellet explodes and begins to warm as it converts to harmless carbon dioxide gas. This gas rapidly expands underneath the surface of the contaminant and forces it off from behind. The contaminant is then forced to relocate, with the ground being it’s most likely resting destination. Because the dry ice evaporates, only the contaminant itself is left for disposal.

Why Is Dry Ice Blasting Superior?

Because dry ice is formed from recaptured emissions, the dry ice blasting process requires zero reclaimed water, no solvents or other harmful chemicals, zero heat, and no other media or secondary waste to clean or contain.

Dry ice blasting is also more effective, and cleans faster, than many traditional methods. Because it doesn’t require full disassembly and reassembly, cleaning costs are often reduced when it comes to industrial equipment. Dry ice blasting, unlike traditional pressure washing, is also extremely effective in cleaning those otherwise hard to reach areas.

In many cases, the dry ice blasting process can be completed without moving equipment or making arrangements to cover and protect other areas that won’t be cleaned. Being able to clean equipment in-place, and scheduling regular cleaning, will also help you reduce the chances of unexpected equipment failures that resulting in costly downtime.

At Scrub Zero, our dry ice blasting services are available to clients in a number of industries. If you’d like to learn more about the dry ice cleaning process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-697-3127 today!


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