Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting
Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting


Scrub Zero specializes in the applications listed below, but by no means is this list all-inclusive. If you have a particular application in mind and don’t see it here, give us a call and we can assess your situation in person. See our Cleaning Method Comparison chart to give you an idea of how this compares to your current methods.

Mold Remediation (check out our video)

There has been an increasing awareness around the toxic effects of mold in recent years. When mold embeds itself into structural surfaces, such as wood and concrete, it needs to be removed. The choices are to remove the entire structure and replace it (costly and time consuming), or sand and scrape it out. This often involves the unpleasant and uncomfortable process of squeezing into tight corners to sand the mold off of wood trusses and joists, only to have mold spores remain.

Mold Remediation companies turn to Scrub Zero in such situations. Dry Ice Blasting is rapidly increasing the amount of mold remediation projects a firm can perform, due to a 60-80% time and manpower reduction, as well as the technology’s ability to thoroughly remove mold spores from wood. It also has the ability to reach tight, confined areas; the significant lack of sanding and scraping – with no secondary waste.

Fire Remediation (check out our video)

A fire can cause soot, smoke damage and charring to wood, brick, concrete and metal. This type of damage is unsightly and holds odor. Traditionally, the removal method has been sanding, scraping and wire brushing, soda blasting and sandblasting.

It’s fast. Dry Ice Cleaning allows for easy entry into tight places, otherwise impossible to reach, as well as smoke damage removal in drastically less time than any traditional removal method. Using the traditional methods, three to five technicians could complete a typical fire restoration project in five or six working days. However, using dry ice blast cleaning, two technicians can complete that very same job in two days. Therefore, the contractor can take on more work with reduced labour costs.

It removes odours. Typically, 24 hours after blasting, the odor is undetectable. This means that the use of encapsulation can be drastically reduced in fire restoration. Dry Ice Blasting provides a clean that the other methods simply cannot match.

No damage. It provides fast and efficient removal of charred surfaces and smoke damage, even in the tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring and all plumbing without damage to the surface integrity.

Less cleanup. Finally, the dry ice blast cleaning process has no secondary waste stream. So, when you are done cleaning, there is no need to go back and clean up the added mess that other blasting medias can leave behind, such as soda, water and sand.

Electrical Equipment

Dry Ice Cleaning is safe to use on electrical equipment, as it will not damage delicate electrical components. It is also water free, and therefore non-conductive; in certain situations we will clean energized equipment. And unlike other cleaning methods, it will not leave a residue.

Scrub Zero technicians have in the past cleaned equipment such as hydro generating equipment (stators and rotors), transformers, substations, control panels, switchgear, energized cables, motors and windings.

HVAC Coil Cleaning

Used principally for cleaning coils, Dry Ice Blasting does a faster, much more thorough job than pressure washing, without the use of chemicals or disassembly. This saves you downtime and labour costs, while adding significant life to your equipment – while reducing your energy bill… (Click Here to Read More about HVAC Coil Cleaning)

General Maintenance

Dry Ice Cleaning is used in a variety of general maintenance applications. Equipment, floors and walls can be cleaned in preparation for service work, prior to painting, or to reduce operating temperatures and to eliminate fire hazards. It’s also a fast, safe method used for grout cleaning between tiles in office buildings and public washrooms.

Other Applications

  • Architectural Renovations (removes paint and dirt from exposed wood beam ceilings)
  • Electric Motors and Generators (quickly cleans deposits of all sorts from windings and electrical connections)
  • Engineered Wood Products (removes hot glue and deposits from production line equipment)
  • Foundries (mold cleaning)
  • Gas Processing / Oil Refining (tank cleaning for crack inspection, perfect for dozens of electrical applications)
  • Petro-Chemical – environmentally friendly due to elimination of clean up and waste disposal, and eliminates chemical use.
  • Plastics industry (mould cleaning and extrusion screw cleaning)
  • Printing industry (ink and other residue from printing presses)
  • Rubber Mould industry (cleans residual rubber deposits from moulds)



Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting

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