Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting
Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting


  • Architectural Renovations (removes paint (sometimes) and dirt from exposed wood beam ceilings)
  • Electric Motors and Generators (quickly cleans deposits of all sorts from windings and electrical connections)
  • Engineered Wood Products (removes hot glue and deposits from production line equipment)
  • Foundries (mold cleaning)
  • Gas Processing / Oil Refining (aerial cooler cleaning, tank cleaning for crack inspection, perfect for dozens of electrical applications)
  • Petro-Chemical – environmentally friendly due to elimination of clean up and waste disposal, and eliminates chemical use.
  • Plastics industry (mould cleaning and extrusion screw cleaning)
  • Printing industry (ink and other residue from printing presses)
  • Rubber Mould industry (cleans residual rubber deposits from moulds)
  • Foundries (mold cleaning)
  • Log house stripping (see videos)

If you are unsure if dry ice blasting will fit the need of your task, please fill out the form below, as we would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.




Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting

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