Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting
Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting


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    How Dry Ice is Created

    Dry ice blasting is an excellent choice for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. Its versatility makes it useful for accomplishing tasks ranging from deck refurbishing to assembly line maintenance. However, many people may be uncertain as to what exactly is being shot out of a dry ice machine. Let’s take a look at what dry ice really is.
    Frozen …

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    Surface Preparation for Refinishing Decks

    Looking to do some deck reworking this summer? Perhaps the wood foundation is beginning to weaken, or maybe the paint has faded so much that your deck has become a different colour entirely. Whatever the case may be, summer is the best season for refurbishing decks. Learn about how dry ice blasting can help you prepare your deck for refinishing!
    Environmentally …

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    Fun Facts About Dry Ice Blasting

    Looking to use dry ice blasting to assist in cleaning your industrial equipment or in your fight against household mould? Scrub Zero has you covered with some fun facts about dry ice blasting to help you decide if it’s right for your needs.
    Some Background
    Though it was first discovered back in 1835, solid carbon dioxide wouldn’t be named “dry ice” for …

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    Dry Ice Blasting: Frequently Asked Questions

    People are often concerned when they come across something they aren’t familiar with. For example, dry ice isn’t something that the average person comes in contact with on a daily basis, and it can sound rather intimidating as a result. Although it’s natural to be wary of the unknown, we’re here to shed some light on the situation and assure …

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    How Dry Ice Blasting Can Save Your Company Money

    Sometimes, cleaning can seem rather futile. What’s the point of tirelessly scrubbing out endless tiny spots when they’ll all be back the next day? All good businesses know that it’s to show devotion and dedication to your company and what it stands for. At Scrub Zero, we believe that the best way to show we care is to focus on …

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    Dry Ice Blasting and the Automotive Industry

    Automobile assembly lines have a wide variety of cleaning issues that can be addressed by dry ice blasting. From removing excess grease and sealant to maintaining equipment condition and functionality, dry ice blasting can be successfully deployed to get the job done.
    Faster and More Efficient
    Dry ice blasting is faster and more efficient than other traditional cleaning methods. The pellets are …

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  • How Dry Ice Blasting is Used in Fire Damage Clean Up - Scrub Zero - Dry Ice Blasting Calgary

    How Dry Ice Blasting is Used in Fire Damage Clean Up

    Fire damage leaves a ton of burnt debris that is extremely difficult to clean up. However, that’s only the start of the problem. Once the debris is cleared, damaged structures and frames need to be dealt with quickly and carefully before they can cause any further damage. In these critical times, dry ice blasting can be effectively utilized …

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  • Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting - Scrub Zero - Dry Ice Blasting Calgary

    Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

    Dry ice blasting is a method of cleaning surfaces by using a jet of frozen carbon dioxide pellets to blast away debris and waste. It is highly effective and incredibly handy, and is used in industries across Alberta. Here’s a look at why more and more companies look to dry ice blasting as their number one choice of …

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  • Why you Really Needto be Cleaning your HVAC Coils - Scrub Zero - HVAC coil cleaning Calgary

    Why you Really Need to be Cleaning your HVAC Coils

    A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) coil is an integral part of any air conditioning or heating system. A well functioning AC unit relies on clean HVAC coils to ensure proper air flow. Here’s a look at why you should care about keeping these coils clean!
    Increased Usage Time
    AC condensers are often placed on roofs or …

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  • Dry Ice Cleaning in the Plastics Industry - Scrub Zero - Dry Ice Cleaning Calgary

    Dry Ice Cleaning in the Plastics Industry

    Dry ice blasting has drastically changed the cleaning process in the plastic industry. From the assembly line to maintenance of finished products, dry ice cleaning can always be used in some way throughout the life cycle of a plastic product. Not only is it an environmentally friendly way of cleaning plastics, it also helps increase the usage time …

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