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Scrub Zero Dry Ice Blasting

Rental Equipment

KG30 Supreme Cut Out 9-7-12Why Rent Equipment?

Renting equipment is becoming a popular alternative to owning equipment. More companies are switching to renting because of its many benefits of rental equipment.

Renting Equipment Versus Owning:

  • Owners incur the disposal costs at the end of the lifetime of the asset.
  • Renting gives you access to the newest and most appropriate equipment.
  • Renting eliminates maintenance and depreciation costs.
  • Idle equipment can be taken off rent to save money.
  • Eliminates the waiting and large expense of replacement parts.

Scrub Zero Provides:

  • In-depth onsite training for your employees.
  • Top performing equipment not prone to breakdowns.
  • Responsive onsite maintenance and/or part swapping.
  • Troubleshooting consultation in person or via telephone.
  • Operational advice specific to your situation.

We’re sorry but rental equipment units are currently available for facility use only; we do not rent for mobile applications or to the general public.  The equipment is also subject to availability and within the Calgary and surrounding areas only.  Rental Equipment packages start at $1050.  Please contact us directly for more information.


Bryan Hawley
Office: (403) 697-3127
Cell: (403)-585-9614


416 51st Ave SE
Calgary AB
T2H 0M7
(By Appoinment Only)



416 51st Ave SE
Calgary AB
T2H 0M7
(By Appoinment Only)


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